Use Cases.


See how the world's hiring leaders use .jobs domains.


Brand Protection.

Use Case: Protect Current and Future Employees 

Brand protection is something to be taken seriously, especially when it impacts potential and current employees. At the beginning of 2020 the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) announced that job scams were on the rise and seriously impacting companies and their job seekers.

Criminals use domain names to defraud job seekers that believe they are applying or interviewing with an actual company. In 2019 this cost job seeking victims over $42 million dollars and the FBI states this criminal activity is increasing in complexity.

The .Jobs limited registration period enables companies and their brands to have the first mover advantage on registering newly available .Jobs domain names. Our pool of 1.3 million newly available domain names include: popular search keywords, acronyms, and dictionary words.

It is our pleasure to work together with our valued registrar partners to help you secure the right .Jobs domain names to protect your brand.

Access to the FBI Job Scam Alert is available as a resource on this website. If you would like to report a job scam to the FBI you can do so here.


Recruitment Marketing.

Use Case: Recruitment Marketing / Employer Branding

In order to attract talent you have to make your brand known to job seekers. In a recent Linkedin poll, recruiters defined the best way to build an employer brand was through a company’s employment website. 61% of respondents said their company’s career website was the best channel for building employer brand awareness, next best was using Linkedin.

Comparatively, a recent Gallop survey sought out where job seekers primary searched for jobs. Overwhelmingly 70% of  job seekers reported their preferred place to search for jobs was on a company's employment website.

.Jobs domain names are great for building dedicated employment websites but have additional recruitment marketing benefits. Organizations can use .Jobs domain names for print, digital, and direct recruitment marketing campaigns. Using .Jobs as a redirect is beneficial when your current recruitment marketing pages are too long: Using a .Jobs domain often shortens the length of the domain name making your brand more memorable and better looking on marketing materials.

Recruitment marketing is something most organizations are already investing in. Enhance your marketing efforts and improve returns with a .Jobs domain name.

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Traffic Generation.

Use Case: Attract and Manage Job Seeker Traffic

Amazon uses multiple .Jobs websites for their employment efforts and redirects job seekers from their commercial website to their .Jobs websites.

Utilizing multiple .Jobs websites allows Amazon to clearly communicate to job seekers that the site they are going to visit contains carefully curated, brand specific, employment content. Job seekers directly navigate to and 4.3 Million times per month.

Even more impressive, 4.6 Million job seekers visit these sites from an internet search. The keyword "Amazon Jobs" is the #1 generator of search engine traffic.

Attract job seeker traffic by using a domain name they trust. Register your .Jobs domain name today.


Diversity and Inclusion.

Use Case: Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion needs to be part of your hiring strategy. One of the best examples of promoting diversity and inclusion is on, AT&T's primary employment website.

Using a .Jobs domain name to highlight your company's commitment to diversity and inclusion makes sure important employment content gets in front of your job seeking audience. The short and long term value of delivering your company's stance on diversity and inclusion should not be underestimated. 67% of job seekers say diversity is important when evaluating job offers.

Companies that succeed in creating an ethnically diverse workplace are 35% more likely to have financial performance above the industry mean.

Show future employees you are committed to diversity and inclusion with an employment website using a .Jobs domain name.

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Redirect to Parent Site.

Use Case: Redirect to Parent Company Employment Website

Having job seekers engage with your desired employment content can be difficult. Your company’s employment content may be available in various places and confuse job seekers who desire to learn more.

Guide job seekers to the website that houses your employment content and job postings. is used by the Disney company to direct job seekers to Disney’s employment website.

A  job seeker interested in working for your brand may not be familiar with your complex business structure. Using a .Jobs domain name as a redirect makes the relationship between companies clear.

If running multiple employment websites doesn’t make sense, utilize redirects that do make sense. Help job seekers find what they are looking for by registering your .Jobs domain name today.


Stand Alone Website.

Use case: Stand Alone Website

Powering the largest job board in the world requires talented employees, lots of them. When it comes to finding its own employees Indeed uses a .Jobs website. Separating their commercial job board from their own employment website allows Indeed to target their future employees specifically.

Separate your commercial website from your employment website with a .Jobs domain name; marketing, human resources, and legal teams can focus on attracting talent.

Search engines drive job seeker traffic and Indeed understands this. The keyword “indeed jobs” is searched 2.4 Million times per month by job seekers., their primary employment website, attracts 59% of its traffic from search engines.

Job seekers seek out .Jobs websites in search results, the masters of search engine marketing know this. Join them today by registering your .Jobs domain name.