Newly Available .Jobs Domains

All of the new domain name details are here. It covers the types of domain names available and why .Jobs makes sense for your organizations employer branding. Presentable in email or print this document covers all the bases for making the case to secure a .Jobs domain name.

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We have expanded the pool of available .jobs domains to include acronyms, keywords, and dictionary words.

  • Websites using .jobs domains generate billions of pageviews monthly
  • The keyword "jobs" is used 15x more often in online job searches than "careers"
  • .Jobs is the #1 trending top level domain for jobs and career-related Google searches


What is .jobs?

.Jobs is a legacy TLD that was launched in 2005. Hundreds of millions of job seekers visit .jobs websites annually. The .jobs top level domain has become the premiere destination for job-related content online.

A few brands that utilize .jobs websites include:


Domain Uses

There are many ways in which .jobs domains fit within your organizations existing employment efforts. Here are a few examples of how current clients utilize .jobs domains.


  • Standalone employment websites for SEO
    • Learn why Allstate uses a branded .jobs domain for their standalone career website.
  • As a redirect to existing employment pages
    • Read about why ESPN uses their branded .jobs domain as a redirect to the Disney career page.
  • Shortened domains for recruitment marketing
    • Get more info on why Wendy's choose to register their employer branded .jobs domain.

Newly available .jobs domain names include



Dictionary Words


Two and three character domains represent authority online and are easily recognizable.



Secure keywords job seekers use when searching for jobs.



Promote hiring and protect against infrinfement.