The .JOBS Universe is a collection of tens of thousands of websites (Microsites and Network sites) operating under a centralized development platform for employers to publish and syndicate their job listings through automation.

Every City, Industry and Occupation

The .JOBS Universe is categorized by every city (such as and occupation (such as and, and industry (such as and resulting in user friendly, intuitive websites for job seekers to locate when using the Internet for employment opportunities.

Innovative by its Simplicity

The .JOBS Universe is a one-of-a-kind solution for employers large and small to list their job openings, free of charge, on the Internet for intelligent syndication throughout the .JOBS Universe of websites.
The heavy lifting occurs behind the scenes. Each day, through automation, over 2 million verified jobs are collected into a centralized database from over 100,000 employers large and small. Each job listing is then tagged and syndicated to the proper destination website within the .JOBS Universe. For example, a job opening from an employer based in Boston is published at but not at A job listing for a Director of Sales is published at but not at

One-Stop Shopping for Employers

Job seekers visiting websites in the .JOBS Universe get direct access to the content they are looking for and to the employer with the open position. This system enables “one stop” shopping for employers vs. the duplicity of having to create an account and post jobs at each website owned and managed by different operators such as the way .COM grew up.

.JOBS competes against .COM

.JOBS competes against .COM, .ORG, .NET etc. on the Internet for domain name registrations and websites. As the operator of .JOBS, selling domain names through registrars is a primary business but we also invest into building our own digital properties working alongside trusted partners to produce efficiencies for both recruiters and job seekers to participate with and benefit from.
This strategy has significantly increased the adoption and engagement with .JOBS websites by both employers and job seekers using the Internet to well over 300 million people per year. Operating .JOBS exactly like .COM or .ORG would produce little competitive choice or utility in the marketplace. We’ve seen others from around the world follow our lead by selecting .JOBS for their own, new innovative product offerings to employers and job seekers in the countries they operate in.

The Power of Search

Search engine providers such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are in the business of indexing websites on the Internet. It is what they do and are good at. The .JOBS Universe of websites is crawled and indexed by the largest search engines multiple times each day.
This is significant when considering over 100 million job seekers each month begin their search for jobs directly from the Google search box. The .JOBS Universe ensures over 2 million job listings from over 100,000 employers large and small are contained within the Google, Bing, & Yahoo website indexing service.
The strategic concept is elegant yet basic by design while powerful in its potential to connect job seekers directly with employers for many years to come. The .JOBS Universe is in step with how search engines perform naturally and consistent with end user behavior when using the Internet to search employment opportunities.

.JOBS Reputation

We are proud to have millions of job seekers throughout the world today engage and apply for jobs through the .JOBS Universe of websites. Built-in safeguards have resulted in the .JOBS Universe being independently recognized as safe, trustworthy and credible sources for people to use on the Internet for employment opportunities.

Website architecture produce fast loading times, simple navigation with each website in the Universe rendered for mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. All .JOBS Universe websites (both Microsites and Network sites) are hosted in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We are committed to reinvesting into new features and product offerings to meet user expectations and business needs for the .JOBS Universe.

The .JOBS Universe puts employers in every U.S. local market

Job seekers are able search for jobs using keywords at any website contained within the .JOBS Universe. Whether it is, etc. employers gain an immediate local presence for their job listings with the fully automated and centrally managed .JOBS Universe platform. It’s this easy.

We want your Participation

If you are an employer and would like to have your job listings automatically placed into the .JOBS Universe of websites, or an ATS provider interested in having job listings included into the .JOBS Universe centralized database for syndication, we want to hear from you.